Life is a Dream!

Life is too short just like a dream that you experience at night while you’re sleeping.

In this lifespan of your dream you can be anything you think of by making your mind still.

Take Action now or you’re going to reach the end of your dream of life soon without realising that it’s too late.

How do you make your mind still?

Through Meditation!

Meditation helps you to focus on the present moment and makes you more productive.

It also helps in increasing patience and tolerance, helps you in gaining new prospective on stressful situation which in turns helps you in your holistic development.

When you’re productive with persistent action and have patience then you become unstoppable.

There’s no anything in this world which can stop you to do what you want to be in life.

So stop thinking and start taking immediate action in order to succeed in life because you don’t know when you’ll wake up from this dream of life.

You’ve to make most of this lifetime because there’ll be no one like you ever in this World again.

And if you want to be remembered by everyone and to make an impact on everyone then you gotta do something about it NOW or it’ll be too late.

You can take a cue from me. (Ps – ik I’m not a bigwig rn but I’ll be in the near future for sure)

As you’re reading my jotted down work which is some how making an impact in some way in your life to do better.

Idk you might be thinking that, “Yeah! Payal is right so from tomorrow onwards I’m going to hit the gym, read few pages from a book, meditate or do something productive.”

But whatever you do be consistent with it.

No matter you do it just for 15 minutes but do it EVERYDAY!
(Here the keyword is Everyday in order to be consistent with your work)

Take action now or you’re going to reach the end of your dream of life soon without realising that it’s too late.

REMINDERAgain! Life is too short just like your dream but rn you don’t realize it.


– Payal Saran


Book Review : The Four Agreements!

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is one of the the best self help book which tells it’s readers how to achieve personal freedom. Not only this it also tells the readers about the four agreements to follow in order to experience a life worth living in this enormous space.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements are :
1) Be Impeccable With Your Word
2) Don’t Take Anything Personally
3) Don’t Make Assumptions
4) Always Do Your Best

This book really changes the way people preceive things in a more optimistic way and reminds it’s readers every now and then that LIFE IS SHORT ~ Past is gone and future is not yet here. What you’ve now is the present to live.

The writer wants to convey through his words that no matter how hard a situation is, you can always change that particular situation by choosing how you’re going to react to it.

“The only reason you are happy is because you choose to be happy.”

Here Don Miguel Ruiz is trying to emphasize that Happiness is a choice, and so is suffering. You can change your life in a matter of seconds by choosing either.

The writer also tells how one can achieve enlightenment when a person let their heart be open to seek love and give love to every being in their surroundings.

Personally speaking I really enjoyed reading this book. This is one of those books which made me intrigued throughout the whole process of reading it. 

I’d highly recommend this book to those who wants to welcome positive changes in their lives or the people who are always overthinking about things and surround themselves in negative thoughts. It’ll help the readers not to worry about the future and not to overthink about the past which is already gone.

Well! If you’ve already read the book so don’t forget to share your thoughts about it on the comment section. I’d like to know your take on this enlightening book.

At last I’d like to say that this book has literally cast a white magic on my heart. I’m truly awe of this book.

– Payal Saran

What do you mean by NOW?

People say, “Be present in the now and you won’t miss out from your life. “

People say, “Think positive and everything good is going to happen in your life.”

Ultimately they’re saying the truth but most of the people don’t know the actual meaning of these words.

Most people react to these words as just a sign board and don’t really understand the very essence of it!

That’s where they’re lacking to achieve a happy life and welcomes the way of negativity in their lives although they least want it.

And they will become anxious, angry, frustrated, and have continuous conflict within and all the suffering eventually surrounds them.

Life is in the NOW!

So, what’s the solution?

Okay! Let me get straight to the point.

Take a moment to breathe in and breathe out.

Now look around you.

Is there anything bothering you? Any thing that is making you feel uncomfortable, angry or frustrated?

If, so! Can you do something about it?

If, yes! Then do it.

If, no! Then make peace with it.

Some of you’d say, “It’s easy to just write or say and difficult to apply in action.”

I concur with you!

Sometimes it’s difficult but sometimes we gotta try this to make our inner being at peace.

Let me ask you one question!

Right now you’re reading my jotted down work are you completely present in the moment and reading it wholeheartedly or something else is also going on in your mind?

If you’re attentively reading this then you’re consciously present in this moment.

In case something else is going on in your mind then sorry you’re missing out from your life by not being in the NOW.

It’s funny how we just think about our past and future continuously and completely neglect our present.

But you know what? Your being in the present define your life neither past nor future.

Be happy in the NOW. If you can’t then atleast try to be happy.

– Payal Saran

Book Review : Be Your Own Sunshine!

Be Your Own Sunshine by James Allen

Be Your Own Sunshine by James Allen is a very inspiring book for me because it has really altered my life towards positive thinking.

It has been rightly said that, “A Book Can Change Your Life”. For me, it is this book which has changed my life and my habits.

This book has taught me the importance of “Thoughts”.

Yes, Thoughts! James Allen says, ” They themselves are makers of themselves “ And for this he means that our thoughts plays a vital role in our lives.

A person can experience a life of heaven by their Rightful thoughts and can make thier life a living Hell by their unpleasant evil thoughts.

The author not only explains the importance of positive, peaceful and serene thoughts in our life and how it influences our habits but also tells it’s readers how to practice it.

As one goes through this book, they can see positive changes happening in their lives. This books tells the difference between what is right and what is wrong, who is wise and who is evil and how to avoid bad habits and follow good habits.

James Allen through his words tells the readers that it’s neither the surrounding that let’s you make bad decisions nor any person influences you to fell into the prey of evil deeds but it’s you who by your thoughts makes your life an wholesome abode or a prison-hole.

I’d greatly recommend this book to those who are trying really hard not to procrastinate and get their work done by the end of the day without any signs of regret of not doing anything because they fell into the prey of procrastination.

To me this book has really done wonders as I’ve seen positive changes happening in my life. I’ve been really productive since the day I started reading this book.

– Payal Saran

Book Review : Ikigai

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia is the best book for those who wants to develop good habits in their lives and excel in their career and to be happy. This book helps a person to stay focused on one task and be a master in it. This book helps people to realize the importance of healthy lifestyle by eating, exercising, meditating and sleeping good. Not only this it also tells the secret about the long life of Japanese people.

This book ask it’s readers to have a goal in life because life without an aim is worthless. One should have a task and the motivation to live their life, otherwise their lives will be useless.

One should focus on eating good fruits, herbal tea, green veggies, etc to develop a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically in order to find their ikigai. This way the people will be less exposed to disease and illness because the healthy lifestyle makes a person’s body strong to fight back diseases.

At last, I’d like to say that this is the best self help book I’ve read so far. It made me realize the importance of adequate sleep, being an expert in one’s own stream, eating healthy food and to meditate.

If you’re looking forward to make healthy changes in  your life, so, you’ve come to a right place because this is the book for you.

– Payal Saran

Failure : First Step To Success!

You’re halfway there!

Sometimes life seems tough and you’ve to face so many hurdles and failures in your life but you know what?

There’s going to be more ups and downs in your life.

Failures, disappointments and non-fulfillment of your dreams that you’ve been working hard for all this while.

But you just gotta get up every time and be stronger than ever before.

Don’t give up!

Don’t waste your life being unhappy when you’re unable to make up to the mark.

Instead of beating up yourself on your unsuccessful attempts;

Tell yourself, “It’s okay! You gave your 100% to it. If not this time then it’ll be next time for sure. “

Give yourself treat instead of blaming yourself for your failures because you know more than anybody else that how hard you worked for it.

Be gentle on yourself because It’s just life which is very unpredictable.

You thought you’re gonna get into it this time but guess what? You don’t!

Great things happens when you least expect it to happen. Read that AGAIN!

So stop whining about it and get up, brush up yourself and keep going.

And be happy that you’re at least half way there.

Failure is not an end.

Albeit! Failure is the first step to success.

– Payal Saran

The Hotel Azrak of Okaneville

In 1988, it was a winter time in Okaneville which is known for it’s Prestigious 7 Star Hotel, “Hotel Azrak” which is located in the deep forest.

For tourists and visitors who loves to spend their time in nature as well as luxury they pay their visit to Hotel Azrak during their weekends and holidays.

Being a luxurious 7 star hotel, it has a dark secret which no one really knows but some forest dwellers talk about eerie stories related to that hotel which no one pays much heed to.

Hotel Azrak, Okaneville

The forest dwellers usually say that there are some evil spirits in that hotel which is in room number 267 where once a hotel manager used to live with his family. It was a tragic story that the hotel manager killed his wife and 3 childrens of which 2 were girls and one was a boy who was only 6 months old. Well! The actual story is still unknown that why he killed his family and where did he go after that? No one actually knows about it! Some says he committed suicide when he saw that he killed his family with his own hands while some says he went out in the forest and disappeared in the void.

So, it was the time for Christmas in Okaneville. Grace and her friends (Stacy, Chris, Carl, Max and Lily) were planning to spend Christmas together this year and doesn’t want to celebrate it with their family because it was their last Christmas together because they were planning to move to different cities after their graduation.

Stacy, Grace’s childhood friend suggested to go to this Azrak Hotel to celebrate their winter holidays for a week but it was too expensive for them but not for Chris, he’s a spoiled rich kid in the college.

Chris really wanted to go to this luxurious but spooky hotel with his friends and told them, “Hey, guys! The manager of that hotel is my father’s friend. I know if I ask him to arrange something for me and you guys then he’ll definitely do it. Y’all just pack your bags! We’re going to this Azrak hotel.”

So, now everything is arranged by Chris’s parents. Grace, Stacy, Lily and Max were ready with their luggage and waiting for Carl and Chris to pick them up.

Stacy asked her friends, “Where are these two? We’ve been waiting for them like for past 40 minutes and they’re still not here! “

Grace to Stacy, “When I last talked to Chris on phone he said he’s going to rent a Car and pick Carl on his way and then come to pick us. “

Max after hearing them talk about Chris and Carl, “Okay! I’m gonna call Chris to ask him where they are! ”

When Max was about to call him, Carl and Chris came in a very cool black posh car. Everyone was awestruck by the car design.

Grace to Chris, “From where did you rent this car? It’s so cool! Let me drive this. “

Chris to Grace, “No! I’ll drive and y’all are just going to listen to the playlist on the back seat. “

Then everyone got in the car and was really excited to start off their road trip to the Azrak Hotel!

While in the car, Lily told her friends about the spooky stories she heard about that hotel.

Then Max and Carl made fun about it because Lily is really scared about these creepy places.

Grace, “Guys! Enough of these spooky talk. Let’s have fun! Chris turn up the music now.”

It was evening when they reached the forest, there wasn’t any street lights, the road was in absolute darkness and no car was to be seen in front nor behind their car.

Lily was a little petrified by the situation that why there’s no any car around as it’s the Christmas time and the hotel is very known in Okaneville and there should be lot of visitors coming and going from this route why it’s completely empty?

Suddenly Grace saw something on a tree. It looked like a girl sitting on a tree with long black hair wearing a white gown but she didn’t mentioned anything with her friends because Lily was already scared and they’re still on one hour distance from the hotel and Grace thought that it might be her illusion as they’ve been traveling since morning and it’s 18:13 PM at the moment.

It was 19:39 PM they finally reached the Hotel Azrak. The Hotel was really Beautiful and Luxurious. It was like their exertion from the journey was all gone looking at that Splendid hotel. The hotel looked like a Palace from the classical era, which it was.

Beautiful Lobby of the Hotel

They entered the hotel and they all were awestruck by the materialistic things of the hotel like a big stunning chandelier below which a girl was playing “Rue Des Trois Frères” on a grand piano. İt was really spacious, huge and beautiful. Everything was shinning, glittering and splendid. They go to the receptionist to get their room numbers and all. The receptionist ask them to wait a little then a waitress came with welcome drinks for them. The welcome drink was really refreshing and delish.

The Magnificent Hotel Azrak

They got their room keys, Lily and Max got R. No. – 265, Chris and Carl got R. No. – 266 and Stacy and Grace got R. No. – 267 (the evil room). Grace was least aware about what’s going to happen to her and her friends. They unfortunately know the half story about the hotel and doesn’t know anything about room number – 267.

They entered their rooms. The rooms were like Roman ancient style luxurious room. So beautiful like they’ve entered some kind of fairytale world.

Room Number : 267

After spending one night there. Grace was feeling a bit uneasy. At night she saw a dream about the same woman she saw on a tree while traveling through the forest and she woke up and got in the washroom to wash her face then she heard something from behind and saw someone was coming out of the bathtub it was a little girl in pink dress. Grace freaked out and screamed out loud. She woke up it was an Eerie Dream which seemed utterly Real.

It was a Christmas Eve. Everyone got an invitation from the hotel that they’re going to have Christmas Eve party tonight. They were really excited for it and getting ready for the night.

Grace was still not feeling well. Stacy asked Grace, “Hey! What happened? You seem a little off.”

Grace, “Nothing! Maybe it’s just because of the exertion from the road trip and I didn’t slept well last night too. Maybe if I’ll get some rest then I’ll feel good. “

Stacy to Grace, ” So you’re not coming with us? “

Grace, “No! I want to go but I can’t! I’ll take medicine and sleep a little. Y’all go and have fun! “

Stacy, “Oh! Poor Grace! Get well soon, hon!”

Grace, “Thanks, Stacy! “

Everyone wanted to see Grace before going to the party but Stacy said she’s sleeping now and we should not disturb her. Let her get some rest.

They all went to celebrate whereas Grace was in her room and she didn’t sleep at all. She was feeling awful from inside and petrified by seeing creepy things around the room like the blood dripping from the wall, a woman who’s completely dressed in black cloth whose face can’t be seen through that black cloth, was coming towards her. She can hear giggles of little girls and also a crying baby and she started screaming but no one can hear her as everyone were celebrating the Christmas Eve but after a little while everything hushed for a moment.

She stopped screaming and put off her hands from her ears and she got really scared she tried to run from that room but as soon as she tried to open the door that creepy woman who dressed in black came from behind her and tried to choke her. Grace was trying to pull that woman’s hand away but suddenly she saw the face of that woman behind the black cloth, her face was covered in red blood and it looked like it was smashed by something sharp like axe then that woman vomited something black into Grace’s mouth and Grace blacked out.

Stacy came in the room and saw Grace was lying on the floor. She got scared called all her friends to look at Grace’s condition. Stacy sprinkled some water on Grace’s face and Grace regain consciousness and saw everyone worried faces.

Stacy asked Grace, “What happened? How did you faint?”

Grace, ” I don’t actually remember anything. I had my medicine then I was in my bed trying to sleep. That’s all.” Grace didn’t know that she got possessed by an evil spirit.

Chris said, ” Okay! You take rest now and we will talk about it tomorrow.”

Lily, “I was telling you guys this place is creepy “

Stacy, ” Lily now please don’t start with your nonsensical horror stories”

Grace also said, “Oh, Lily! I love this place. I just got a little sick. I’ll be fine by tomorrow.

Lily, ” Okay! If you say so. Take care, Grace! Good night!”

Suddenly Grace heard a creepy voice saying, “KILL THEM! KILL THEM! KİLL THEM!”

Everyone was looking at Grace that she was froze for a minute and didn’t replied to Lily. So, Stacy shook her and Grace said , “What?”

Stacy said, “You’re acting weird. You literally froze for a moment. “

Grace, ” I’m tired maybe because of that I’m like this. Okay! Y’all go to your rooms. I’m going to sleep. Good night! “

Lily, Chris, Max and Carl went to their rooms. While Stacy was with Grace as they were sharing the room. It was past midnight when Grace woke up and heard the same creepy voice, ” KILL THEM!”

Grace was not in her senses she saw a knife and started stabbing Stacy with it. Stacy screamed, shouted but no one heard and she died.

Grace drank Stacy’s blood and heard a knock on the door. It was Chris who forgot his phone in her room when they came to see Grace after the party.

Grace’s mouth, jaw, cheeks, neck and cloth was all covered in Stacy’s blood and she had a knife in her hand, she opened the door. It was slightly dark but Chris can see she was covered in blood.

Chris freaked out and said, “what happened to you?”

Grace said, “I killed Stacy and drank her blood. It was delicious. Do you wanna try? “

Chris, “What? What are you saying? İs this some kind of prank? Stacy you in there? Grace has gone completely mad! “

Grace smilingly said, “I told you she is dead now, I killed her. It’s now your turn. “

Grace pulled him in with her one hand and stabbed in the same way as she stabbed Stacy.

Grace cleaned all the mess by herself and put their body in the bathtub.

Next morning, Carl was searching for Chris everywhere as he was not in the room. He asked Max and Lily they also don’t know about Chris’s whereabouts.

Then they knocked on Grace’s room and she opens the door. They comes in and asked have you seen Chris? Then Grace said, ” Oh! Chris and Stacy went out in the forest for a walk this morning. They asked me to come with them but I denied because I wasn’t feeling much better then but now I’m feeling good. “

Everyone was confused that they went for a walk without informing them. So Carl said, “let us also go to the forest then”

Then Grace said, ” Oh! I remembered. Chris told me that when everyone wakes up tell them to meet us (Stacy and Chris) on the lake side in the midst of the forest

Max, “But that’s too far! ”

Grace, “Yes but y’all know that how much Chris loves to walk in the morning. Poor, Stacy! She will be so tired by now walking with him. Let us go with the car! What say?

Everyone agrees! They all get in the car. Little did they know what lay ahead of them. Grace after driving for a while, suddenly stops the car in the middle of nowhere. Her friends asked her what happened? Why did she stopped the car?

Grace, “I don’t know guys it suddenly stopped.”

Carl sarcastically said, “Grace what did you do to the car? Chris is going to be heart broken when he’ll see his darling (the car Chris rented) in this condition haha”

Everyone laughed and Grace got out of the car. Carl said, “Is she okay? I was just kidding”

Lily said, “I don’t know she has been acting all weird lately.”

Everyone gets out of the car. Max looked at the car finding the reason why it’s not working. While Lily was admiring the beauty of nature and Carl was being suspectful that something is going wrong with Grace.

Grace suddenly came to her senses and realized that she had killed her two friends and started to cry.

Carl who was looking at her with suspecting eyes saw her crying. He walked towards her and asked, “Is everything okay? “

Grace hesitatingly said, “I killed Stacy and Chris. “

Carl said, “What?”

Grace sobbing, “Yes! It’s true. I killed them with my own hands.

Carl sarcastically, “Yeah, sure! And then you were planning to kill us, right? Haha you can’t kill a bloody mosquito and you’re saying you killed two humans…Good one! “

Grace in a very serious tone, “Carl! It’s not a joke. I’m serious and yes when I was in the hotel this morning I was literally planning to kill you guys. I lied to y’all about Chris and Stacy”

Carl, “I was suspecting you about that but this is insane. You’re talking all rubbish and sounding all creepy like Lily. Stop it already now. It’s not funny. “

Lily and Max came to them and asked what they’re talking about. Lily saw Grace was sobbing and asked, “What’s wrong? “ Carl told them everything that what Grace said to him.

They started laughing! Max sarcastically said, “Grace, please don’t kill me haha”

Grace, “Why don’t you guys believe me. That’s a creepy hotel I saw and heard weird things there. I think we should get out of here ASAP! “

Max, “Okay! Now you’re sounding like an absolute Maniac. If you really killed them and wanted to kill us too then why are you telling us all this thing now? You need a doctor immediately. I have fixed the car now let’s go! “

Lily listening to all of them realized that Grace might be telling the truth and she might have got possessed by some evil spirit in that hotel room.

Lily, “Guys! I think she’s telling the truth! “

Carl, “Lily! Please now you don’t start.”

Max agreeing with Carl and said, “We will talk about it later. Let’s get out of here.

Everyone headed towards the car. Grace heard the creepy voice again, “You’re Weak! You can’t kill them but I CAN! “

Grace turned around and Shouted loudly to her friends, “RUN! She’s going to kill us all.”

They all got scared by her action and bewilderedly looked at each other. As soon as they could process the situation, they all got perished in the forest soil out of nowhere in front of Grace.

Grace saw that all her friends got buried in the soil in front of her eyes and knew that the evil spirit is going to come after her next.

She suddenly runs towards the car and starts the car while reversing it she heard a cracking sound of a finger breaking of someone amongst her friends who got burried under the soil.

She drove the car and disappeared in the void just like that manager who killed his family in Room Number : 267 and disappeared forever.

– Payal Saran

Monster Acrylic Painting!

Monster from The Cabin in the Woods!

So, this is my first blog related to my Painting and I hope whoever is skimming through it, likes it!

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn or paint anything since last September.

Albeit, Art always gives me the tranquility that this world often fails to.

And I often find myself lost in the creative world of Art from which I really don’t want to get out of.

I know many people say Art is like Meditation and imo it’s literal.

When I think that certain things are not going the way I want it to be and get slightly stressed out then I often do art to relieve stress;

Art is really like a meditation to me!

When I do art it feels like I’m in an Imaginary World which I can express it on a piece of blank paper and fill it with varied colors.

So without further ado let’s talk about this Monster Acrylic painting I’ve made.

Actually I’ve been inspired to make this painting from a movie called “The Cabin in the Woods” which I’ve watched it lately.

This movie had so many monsters in which I found this one so cool that the moment I saw it I was like, “I’m gonna draw this Monster. “

It took me like 90 minutes or so to make this painting and the happiness after making this was beyond at par.

I know it sounds silly but whatever I make or draw it’s like a Masterpiece to me and I think everyone thinks the same because if you’re not confident about what you do then it’s not worth doing it at the first place.

Be confident in what you do and do what you really like because life is short!

– Payal Saran


We are the Masters of Creation!

We all humans have created the untrue possible.

Our imagination plays a vital role in making our futuristic World more advanced than a century ago.

We are the homo sapiens who believe in illustration of our subconscious mind.

And then work hard to make it Real!

Some believe it while the other doesn’t.

It really doesn’t matter how many years, decades or century goes by;

Albeit that visionary imagination will be used in the future as an asset of profit.

Payal Saran


Life is short!

Whatever is going on in your life, make peace with it.
Don’t brawl with it;
Forasmuch as that’s not the solution!
Furthermore in that way you’re gonna hurt yourself even more.

Make peace with life!

You’ve to learn from your mistakes so stop penitenting yourself and above all stop blaming others’ for your failures.
Accept the situation you’re in rn,
And Learn from it!

Learn from your life’s mistakes and the success will be yours in no time.

Just don’t hold grudge with thee,
As that’s not how life works.
If you’ll hold grudge with thee,
You’re eventually going to distant yourself from the cheeriness that you’re seeking for.

Trust Thee because where there’s hope there’s life!

Make peace with your past and stop worrying about the time that has not yet come.
All you’ve to know is one has live the life who lives in the now, i.e. in the present moment.

This second, this minute, this hour is LIFE!

THIS IS LIFE! The second you’re reading my jotted-down work, the moment you blinked your eyes, the instance you’re breathing NOW IS LIFE.

Payal Saran

Archaic Lady

Payal's blog


It’s been a long voyage hitherto;

And miles to travel trail along.

If seen, Formerly!

Thou hath been ‘astonished’ to found out who she was that mess?

She became a tremendous lady toot sweet, Thee, O Lord!

Jubilant, hast become everyone around;

When she lays her trail aside thou.

Albeit when she brims sunny arc on her face,
Ye fell on knees to hail.

-Payal Saran

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Believe in Yourself!

Be your own support system!

No one is born skilled.

They all work hard for it.

If you’re persistent enough towards your goal,

You’re definitely going to achieve it, sooner or later, anyway.

Consistency is the key to success, we all are familiar to the saying.

Albeit, we don’t want to leave our comfort zone for the sake of it.

As there’s still a dash of uncertainty in ourselves that Am I going to make it or not?

This uncertainty needs to be vanished rn.

As this will just going to make you self doubt on your ability.

So, just focus on the positive aspect.

Appreciate yourself on your little success and don’t be harsh on yourself.

Be your own support system and stop seeking everybody’s slant on what to do or what not?

It’s your life and you’re the master of it.

Don’t let anyone else row your life the way they want it to be.

Do it for yourself!

Clap for yourself in your highs and hug yourself in your lows.

You can do it!

Just hang in there and keep on hustling.

The success will be yours in no time.

– Payal Saran

The Seventh Trip!

Every picture has a story behind it. We often hear this and it’s indeed, TRUE!

Traveling always fascinates me since childhood.

The road trips are the best when it comes to traveling to near by provinces especially, Uttarakhand.

So, it was my seventh trip to Nainital. I used to call it as my second home when I was a teen as it’s the nearest hill station so we (me & my family) often go there on our summer vacations.

As it was Covid period and we didn’t go anywhere for a very long time except in January (we went to Rajasthan!). So, when my parents got fully vaccinated and me & my siblings were half vaccinated.

Then, we all did the antigen tests to get entry in Nainital.

So, it was 2 July 2021, my trip begins. Ahh! It’s gonna be a bit long journey that I already knew! But the fun during the road trip is another feeling.

As we were traveling there were 5 checkpoints where the cops were checking our vaccination certificates and antigen test reports.

So after clearing all the checkpoints finally I was in Nainital – The Lake District of India.

After 1.6 years later I saw mountains and my happiness was beyond at par. Idk what happened to me while seeing those huge mountains and the tall trees.

Mountains and trees!!
Tall trees!!

It was all really beautiful and fascinating. I was just like this trip never ends. Then, I remember I used to hate these trips pre-covid era. Just because we used to go on a family vacations many times in a year. So, it was kinda monotonous for me to go anywhere and I often used to cancel many trips. Guess what?! I regret those saying NO! to some trips before covid era during my quarantine period.

Well let bygones be bygones. I’ve had sm fun in this trip and as these pictures already tells a lot about it.

Mango lake, Nainital!

The next day, I went out for boating in the Mango lake with my family. It was so dreamy and beautiful. I played the “Wellerman – Sea Shanty” Song on my phone and enjoyed the scenic beauty while vibing with the song on repeat. At the lakefront there were so many beautiful white ducks. It was a spectacular sight.

White ducks at the lakefront!

In the evening, I went out for strolling on the mall road and I did some shopping as girls usually do these things lol #ConfessionOfAShopaholic

I clicked some pictures on the mall road because the weather was so pleasant and the scenic beauty of the evening lights were just so splendid.

Strolling on the mall road!

Well! It was a fun trip. I enjoyed a lot but I’ve to end this blog rn because if I will keep on writing about this “MY SEVENTH TRIP TO NAINITAL” then this blog will never come to an end.




– Payal Saran

Be Patient!

Be patient as good things take time but it’s fruitful at the end.

Don’t sell yourself short when you know you’re capable of so much more.

If you’ll sell yourself short,

Then you’re ne’er gonna make it to the peak where you always wanted to see yourself to be.

Take petty pace and don’t rush things!

Just work a little bit more on yourself every successive day.

And you’ll be halfway there;

Where you always wanted to be.

Don’t give up so easily on things which seems that is out of your hands.

Know that you’re a bigwig!

And just keep on hustling until you make it till the end.

– Payal Saran

Petty Pace

Take petty steps.

Don’t hop on, or

Think :

“If I’ll jump, I’ll fall.”

So, just take petty pace,

You won’t fall.


You’ll reach there,

Just where you’re destined for.

You’ll reach there,

Just where you were doing all those vigorous endeavour for.

So, don’t despair.

Just keep on jostling!

As you don’t know how many people are rooting on you.

They’re wishing for your contentedness and for you to succeed in every aspects of your life.

-Payal Saran

Queen Valen of Catmint

In times of yore, there was a little princess named Valen. She was five years old and was not loved by her parents because they used to argue all the time that they didn’t get much time to spend with her little daughter even when they go out together Valen feel neglected.

As time passed she became dejected and she doesn’t like to play or do anything.

One fine day her parents went out to attend a Masquerade ball as they were invited by the King of Azrak and Valen was left alone with the caretakers. As her parents left the Palace, she started crying and mumbled “No one loves me!”

The next morning when she wakes up, there was bad news waiting for her. Valen’s parents were killed by the King of Azrak. The Masquerade Ball was just a conspiracy to let the Kingdom of Valentina (Valen’s Kingdom) under the control of Azrak.

She was so little to understand the meaning of death. She asked one of her caretakers “What is death? And why are my parents sleeping and not answering me?” Then, one of the caretakers answered, “Your Highness! Your parents are gone in some other world where there are so many angels and fay live.”

As she grew up she learned what happened to her parents and how they died. She used to cry at night missing her late parents who didn’t had a minute time to make some happy memories with little Valen when they were alive.

14 February 1756, was Valen’s birthday. The whole kingdom of Valentina was celebrating this day with glee as her Highness is going to turn 21. Every Kings & Queens and their Heirs (Prince & Princess) were invited to Valen’s Birthday Celebration and Ball Dance.

In the evening, Valen wore a beautiful white gown and a Crown studded with a Diamond. She looks so beautiful and alluring. Her skin is white just like fresh White snow and her lips are pink like Azalea (beautiful pink flower). She looks like a goddess from heaven. Valen is a phenomenal Princess who is very kind-hearted and innocent. She was ready as well as nervous for a Ball dance because she has to dance with any Prince who offers his hand to dance with him and if she gives her consent for the dance then she has to marry the Prince. It’s an age-old tradition of the Valentina Kingdom when a princess turns 21 she has to choose a Prince for a ball dance and then marry him.

It’s time for her grand entry, she was nervous. As the door opens she dropped a deep curtsy (formal greeting) to her guests. Then, she started stepping down the stairs from one side and the Prince of Catmint, “Prince Chris” Offered his hand for a Ball Dance without any delay. Valen was impressed by his masculine style and fine gesture and said yes to the dance.

They Danced all night long and at midnight in front of all the Kings and Queens. Prince Chris gets down on one knee to propose Valen. Chris said, “I don’t know you believe in love at first sight or not but this evening is special in my life. I’ve never felt the way I’m feeling right now. I think I’m in love. Will you Marry me, Valen?” Valen was surprised but she knows that it’s the age-old tradition when the Princess say yes to a Ball dance to the Prince then she has to marry the Prince but besides this Valen also has the same feeling as Prince Chris has for her. Valen replied smilingly, “Yes! Thousand times Yes!”

Then, they got married. Valen was welcomed as a Queen in the Kingdom of Catmint. She was so happy and thought about her parents that if they were alive they’d be happy to see her getting married to a man whom she loves the most. After marriage, Prince Chris became King Chris of Catmint.

29 October 1758, Queen Valen gave birth to a Princess. She was so beautiful and Lovely that she has been named ‘Princess Venus of Catmint’. Princess Venus was much more beautiful than her mother her skin was shining like a diamond and her lips were red like a rose.

Both the Kingdom of Catmint and the Kingdom of Valentina celebrated the birth of a newborn princess with glee. Everyone started dancing on the streets, musicians started playing the flutes, drums and other musical instruments, people were hugging each other and expressing happiness.

King Chris of Catmint invited everyone for the grand celebration of his daughter’s birth. And they lived happily ever after.

– Payal Saran


All we have is NOW! 🎐

Close your eyes and get lost in this enormous space.

Be in a place where you perceive the tranquility.

Don’t let the gloomy thoughts extinguish your triumph.

Experience the stillness of life, the quietude;

And hear the breeze blowing away the swirling decayed leaves.

In essence, be present in the moment.

-Payal Saran